THURSDAY, March 15

Welcome (8:30 - 8:45)

Michael Ball, University of Maryland


(8:45 - 9:15)
Jane Garvey, Administrator of the US Federal Aviation Administration

The Extent of the Problem and its Underlying Causes

(9:15 - 11:00)

Airport and Airspace Capacity Constraints and the Prospects for Capacity Expansion
(John Hansman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

An Evaluation of Overall US and European Airspace Capacity
(George Donohue, George Mason University)

National Trends in Airport Delays and Flight Cancellations
(Cynthia Barnhart and Stephane Bratu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Dr. Jim Evans, MIT Lincoln Laboratories, (
Clyde Miller, Logicon Sterling Federal ("Clyde Miller"
Dr. Agam Sinha, MITRE Corporation("Dear Agam"): (I think).

Break (11:00 - 11:15)
Impact on Airline Profitability and Service to the Public
(11:15 - 12:30)

The Economic Impact of Airport Congestion
(Martin Dresner and Robert Windle, University of Maryland)

The Impact of Airport Delays on Airline Costs
(Peter Kostiuk, Logistics Management Institute)

Lunch (12:30 - 1:45)

Is It Safe?
(Arnold Barnett, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

ATC Operational Strategies
(1:45 - 3:30)

Strategic Planning in Traffic Flow Management
(Jack Kies, FAA)

Improving System Performance through Collaborative Decision Making
(Michael Ball, University of Maryland)

A Case Study of Delays and Response Strategies at Newark Airport
(John-Paul Clarke and Anthony Evans, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Mr. Mike Wambsganss, Metron Scientific Consultants (

Mr. James Wetherly, Federal Aviation Administration (

Dr. Kevin Corker, San Jose State Univesity ( )

Break (3:30 - 3:45)

Demand Management

(3:45 - 5:30)
"Demand Management Alternatives for Reducing Airport Delays"

(Amedeo Odoni and Terence Fan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Federal Issues Dealing with Demand Management,
(Louise Maillett, FAA)

Federal Regulatory Issues Related to Airport Demand Management
(Scott Lewis, Palmer and Dodge)


Michael Levine (Harvard) [Professor Michael E. Levine, Hauser Hall 412, 1575 Mass Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138; tel. (617) 496-4183; Fax: (617) 495-1110; melevine@law

David Plavin (ACI) [member of MIT IAB;]

Virginai Buckingham (Ginny), Massport (

Wine and Cheese (5:45 - 6:45)

Friday, March 16

Industry and Competitive Strategies I
(8:30 - 10:15)
Short-to-Medium Term Airline Responses to Delays

(Peter McDonald, United Air Lines)

Influence of Capacity Constraints on Airline Fleet Mix

(Mark Hansen and Geoffrey Gosling, University of California, Berkeley)

The Changing Face of Aviation in View of Airport/Airspace Congestion

(Bill Wangerien, Delta Airlines)


Dr. Aslaug Haraldsdottir, Boeing, (,

Dr. Kenneth Smith, R H Smith School of Business, U of Maryland (

Dr. Antonio Trani, Virginia Polytechnic Institute (

(10:15 - 10:30)

Industry and Competitive Strategies II

(10:30 - 11:45)
Matching Capacity and Demand at LaGuardia Airport
(William DeCota, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey)

How to Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too: Public Policies on Airport Congestion

(Glenn Hauenstein, Continental Airlines)


Norm Fujisaki, Federal Aviation Adminstration (,

Adib Kanafani, U of California, Berkeley (,

Lunch (11:45 - 1:00)

National and International Policy Alternatives
(1:00 - 2:45)
Future Capacity Developments
(Steve Brown, FAA)

Dealing with Airport and Airspace Congestion in Europe
(Xavier Fron, EUROCONTROL)

A Market-Based Approach to ATC Modernization

(Russ Chew, American Airlines)


Steve Bradford, FAA, (,
Kennith Meade, Office of Inspector Generalís Office (DOT)
Richard Marchi, VP, Airport Councils International

Closing Remarks (2:45 - 3:00)

Amedeo Odoni, , Massachusetts Institute of Technology